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For almost a decade, the city state of Rockholme has laid dormant, ruined by the Conclave's attack on the Guilds. Over the last year, the Incantors have rebuilt our Guildhouse and life is slowly returning to the city. With the planting of the great seed of the Tree of Incantation, the city is quickly returning to its glory as a great trading hub.

At the first Moot, we lost contact with the Guild house, following an attack from creatures that threatened the guilds of Erdreja. The scouts that we have sent have not returned and the circle in the nearby area has been deactivated. We need to know why.

The Wardens of Al'Hamet have answered my call and agreed to help lead an expedition to investigate what has cut the Incantors from our newly-built guild house. I would call to any guild members and people of Faith to join with us to travel to Rockholme and discover the mysteries that lie within.

Lazarus Hunter


Cox Wood Scout Camp,
  Cox Wood,
Cox Lane,
LL12 0BH

Cost (in pounds sterling):
41.50 before 20/07/2015
44.50 before 21/09/2015
49.50 before 19/10/2015

Accommodation: Camping only, there is no indoor accommodation for this event 

Character Card: 2015 LT Main Event cards are valid. If you don't have one, an event only card will be issued.

Catering: Will be provided by Club Gryphon catering at a charge of 22 pounds per person, menus to be confirmed

Eligibility: This event is open to all players. Please note that there will be a cap on player numbers due site restriction, so book early to avoid disappointment. Please also note that attendees must be at least 18 years of age.

Time In & Time Out:
Time in Friday  20:00 - 02:00
Time in Saturday 10:00 - 02:00
Time in Sunday  10:00 - 14:00

Event Guide: E-mailed 2 weeks before the event.

For further details or queries about the event please telephone Kev Chambers on 07976418278 between 7pm and 9pm or email incantorsguildcommand@gmail.com

Please make cheques payable to: The Incantors Guild

Send completed forms to 
The Incantors Guilds
72 Stopgate lane
L9 6AR

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Chris Whitehead Plot Monkey JackalsStaff
Jonathan Harden Antonio Da Fuera HartsPlayer
Peter Godfrey The Shaman of the Ancestors Non-FactionStaff
mike hilton Jaeger UnicornsPlayer
Greg Rogers Ovard UnicornsPlayer
Helen Colson Tick Tock JackalsPlayer
William Lucas Wallace Banks UnicornsPlayer
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus UnicornsPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph HartsPlayer
Rosie Woolley Zeal LionsPlayer
Louise Godfrey Ma'ziti Kallistama UnicornsPlayer
Lex Celnik Rashid Al'Fayed JackalsPlayer
Elizabeth Hawkins Tart Cat HartsPlayer
Sam Ebrahim Tooky Tooky Saph UnicornsMonster
Duncan R McDonald Magni Copperbeard UnicornsPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersPlayer
Andy Lowis Ibn el Ishmael JackalsPlayer
Minna Wilke Artemis HartsMonster
Simon Briley Brother Wolfgang UnicornsPlayer
Wayne Phillips Ezikiel JackalsPlayer
Gareth Holmes Tiberius Non-FactionPlayer
Adam johnson Horny Saph UnicornsPlayer
Paul Lambert Achaz JackalsPlayer
Luke Cater Valiant UnicornsPlayer
Andrea Parry-Jones Vonora VipersMonster
Robert Smith Kallistus Kallistama UnicornsPlayer
James Bowen Orin UnicornsPlayer
Dominic Doran Solitaire TarantulasPlayer
Zeph Upton Ralus Nalia UnicornsPlayer
Kellie Ingram Sathana JackalsStaff
Joseph Tansley Tyrell Dreamstruck LionsMonster
James Goode Robert Thornwood UnicornsMonster
Brian Roberts Adamu LionsMonster
Alexander Connolly Unicorns Plot UnicornsPlayer
Paula Croft Jael JackalsPlayer
Jenna Williams Layla JackalsStaff
Amy Whitworth Impquiessence VipersMonster
Mervyn Dennison Traveller LionsPlayer
Felix Clarke Chime JackalsPlayer
Kerrie Ashton Turkish JackalsMonster
Steve Bool Number One TarantulasPlayer
Ben Sugden Lucas Fist-Fletcher-Percy GryphonsMonster
Hazel Tyler Anariel GryphonsMonster
Jake Passarelli 'Theo' JackalsMonster
Andrew Joseph Gahadbaan al Makr JackalsStaff
Ashley Beardsall Gribbles No.33 UnicornsMonster
Jen Bateman Braega the Red TarantulasPlayer
Nick (Nuz) Settle Dax TarantulasPlayer
Corinne Settle Ilona TarantulasPlayer
Giles Crompton-Howe Amargar LionsMonster
Michael Windsor-Smith Killock DragonsPlayer
Mark Allport Dozer UnicornsPlayer
Jason Garfitt Verbrand VipersPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan DragonsPlayer
Dave Thompson The Trickster VipersPlayer
Sarah Hitchen Aranel UnicornsMonster
Matthew Priestley Grimjaw Ironfist JackalsPlayer
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
Ixxil the Great and Powerful Ixxil the Awakened Human JackalsPlayer
benjamin ball ivan fendrakonar WolvesPlayer
Philip Rawlinson Tethyr Nima UnicornsPlayer
Ryan Evans Gobbin DragonsPlayer
Jade Luke Jaydah JackalsPlayer
David Rowdon Halvar Ironbeard GryphonsPlayer
Caroline Proctor Kiyantey D'Arby HartsPlayer
Martin Evans Snowy McTaff VipersPlayer
Shy Meyer Willow UnicornsMonster
Jez Crawford Thomson Gunnalf Mooseknuckle TarantulasPlayer
Victoria Harrold Squiggle UnicornsPlayer
Damian Knapp Why? VipersPlayer
Rick Garland Yura JackalsMonster
Lorraine McKee The Night HartsPlayer
Mathew Blackham Ja'Rok UnicornsPlayer
Christopher Lamb [REDACTED] Non-FactionPlayer
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn UnicornsMonster
Rebecca Child Raya GryphonsMonster
Michelle Waldman Art'r Ironfist JackalsPlayer
Bobbie West Septimus Non-FactionPlayer
Neil Prentice Nadir TarantulasPlayer
Stuart Lean Hami JackalsPlayer
Ross Fisher Spiteless Saph UnicornsPlayer
Evan Grimsdale Really tall Saph TarantulasPlayer
Martin Brookes Monster Non-FactionMonster
Robert Walker Jabber Woki Non-FactionMonster
Adam Blount Keeper VipersPlayer
Rebecca Evans Thyme MacRoth BearsMonster
Josh Howell Caspaar Fitzroy DragonsPlayer
Brendan O'Leary Echo HartsMonster
Nicky Robinson Scarlet HartsPlayer
Robin Draycott Kay UnicornsPlayer
Russell Carey Grif or Firg HartsMonster
Lea Brown Asif JackalsPlayer
Jon Blake nightmare VipersPlayer
Alex Delaney Darkon Daykin HartsPlayer
Jonathan Kane Marcus Lehn TarantulasPlayer
Scott dennis Acrith JackalsPlayer
philip hollindrake Rickard UnicornsPlayer
Michael Nightingale Corvos VonVarius JackalsMonster
Andrew Forrest Ishtar Non-FactionPlayer
david cowley Haze UnicornsPlayer
Joseph Quigley Elyan UnicornsPlayer
niall mcmonagle Brookr tombstone JackalsMonster
Craig Hallett Morain UnicornsPlayer
Richard Owen Odrun TarantulasMonster
Ben Price Tracks By Moonlight VipersMonster
Angela burgess briseis TarantulasPlayer
Matthew Strange Cael DragonsPlayer
Andy Hayman Hunts in Darkness Non-FactionPlayer
James Osborn Sultan Vinn E'Gar Al'Fayed JackalsPlayer
James Adey Felix Cardio Mazza VipersPlayer
Andy McDonald Admiral Eudoras BSc SSc JackalsMonster
Tristan Jackson Number 77 BearsStaff
Becky Watts Giddy UnicornsMonster
Iestyn Evans Achos DragonsPlayer
Kelly Jane Poole Keira DragonsPlayer
russ how Gau BearsPlayer
Laura Bell Kayla Starno HartsPlayer
Kathryn Selby Amber Darkendale WolvesMonster
richard Crump Ravage GryphonsMonster
Christopher Goddard Julius Echtor Von Zeref VipersPlayer
Thomas Roe Saltus VipersPlayer
Richard Cooper Caileb Neverwinter LionsPlayer
Kev Chambers Lazarus Hunter HartsStaff
Edward Anderson Verdant UnicornsPlayer
Kelly Barker Tommy JackalsMonster
Martin Ashton Tyrone JackalsMonster
David Shaw Ross StaffMonster
Max Harden Sir Graf Dog Mortimer HartsMonster
Siobhan Corscadden Monster
Deklan Howells Monster
Kelly Wainwright Monster
Bobby Elliott Monster
Mike Greenwood Monster
Shobita Bhumbra Monster
Michelle Evans Monster
Michael Clay Monster
Simon Power Monster
Laura McCarthy Monster
Adam Bailey Monster
Richard Mitchell Monster
Martin Portlock Staff
loki midian Monster
Michael Rees Monster
Harriet Morris Monster
Tom Robinson Monster
James Agg Monster
Charli Solomon ashby Monster
jade watson Monster
Alice Price Monster
John ONeill Monster
Matthew Colbeck Monster

8 Staff, 57 Monsters, 86 Players. (151 total)

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